Free Home Delivery to Thoppumpady, Chullikkal, Panayappally, Pandikkudi, Amaravathy, Fort Kochi, Palluruthy, Perumbadamb, Kumbalangi, Idakkochi


Koprattu Oil Mills is a chief Manufacturer and Suppliers of Pure Coconut Oil. We are based in Palluruthy, Kochin (Kerala), which is a coastal town in Kochin. Kerala derives its name from "Kera" which means coconuts in Malayalam. The Coconuts of Kerala have distinct aroma and flavor. We are Certified Company and our product 'KOPRATTU COCONUT OIL' is Certified, by the Govt. of India for its quality. We believe in serving the clients with high quality products. Our Coconut Oil is processed using carefully selected copra, dried under hygienic conditions and packed scientifically to ensure a longer self life. Moreover, a special emphasis is also laid upon the timely delivery of the products.

We have been the epitome of pure and high quality coconut oil. Our highly advanced production process blends traditional methods and advanced technologies, thereby providing 100% pure and hygienic coconut oil. Over time, we added more products to our portfolio, so as to cater to the needs of our valued customers. We ensure utmost care, right from the selection of coconut kernels to delivery at the customer’s hands, so that you get the best products at the right time.

Why to Choose Us

We add health to your food and a healthy life is a happy life.

100% Chemical Free & Organic Products

Our coconut oil doesn't contain chemical ingredients & the coconut cultivated without the use of pesticides

Free Home Delivery

We delivery our Product within 10 Kilometer Diameter of our Factory for Free.

Keeps Your Family Healthy

Koprattu Coconut Oil contain higher amounts of antioxidants, it reduce risk of heart disease, cancers and other health issues.

Clean, Fresh and Safety

We offer fresh products to customer which is safe and made with organic material & without using chemicals.

Chemicals Free Products

No chemicals used, while extracting oil from machine. which is fully made with natural process.

Most Efficient Machines

Our Modern oil extraction machine is 100% Efficient & Pack Directly without any external interfere.

Our Services

15 കിലോമീറ്റർ ചുറ്റളവിൽ ഫ്രീ ഹോം ഡെലിവറി
10 കിലോയ്ക്ക് മുകളിലുള്ള കൊപ്ര ആട്ടി തരുന്നതാണ്
തോപ്പുംപടി, ചുള്ളിക്കൽ, പനയപ്പള്ളി, പാണ്ടിക്കുടി, അമരാവതി, ഫോർട്ട് കൊച്ചി, പള്ളുരുത്തി, പെരുമ്പടപ്പ്, കുമ്പളങ്ങി, ഇടക്കൊച്ചി -ഫ്രീ ഹോം ഡെലിവറി
അനിശ്ചിത അളവിൽ (ലൂസ്) വെളിച്ചെണ്ണ മില്ലിൽ നിന്നും മാത്രം വാങ്ങുക